Sydney - is the 2am lockout hurting your margins? Here's a tip...

With the introduction of the 2am lockout across New South Wales, there's an heir of fear circulating around the entertainment industry. We don't blame you. After all, in an already competitive market you're expected to achieve the same results in a more limited time frame...

But If you look at the new regulations in the entertainment and hospitality industry over the past decade, it is the businesses that are prepared to be proactive and organised who manage to prosper and even benefit from change. 

Put simply, every cloud has a silver lining, and while the 2am lockout reduces your capacity to take in customers, it also means that customers have to fundamentally shift the way they behave. 

This shift is occurring already at bars and clubs across Sydney, and punters are realising that now more than ever, an evening out on the town requires forward planning. 

So instead of worrying about your reduced service window or hoping that the regulations might disappear, you'd be best served to encourage patrons through the door with pre-planned and pre-booked packages.

We suggest the following:

  • Put together a few different offers on a Friday and Saturday night that include drinks, food or booth seating for the entire evening
  • Throw in some free drinks to sweeten the deal, set a fixed or base price on the offer, and make sure customers only fulfil the offer after 2am

Using the Roller software, you can create these offers and tailor them to suit your customers. You can make deals that are impossible to ignore and lock groups in for entire evenings.

And once you have them, you can push offers to them on a weekly basis and forge long lasting relationships. 

Behavioural change is happening in front of our eyes across Sydney, with customers moving towards a pre-booked and paid for experience that includes drinks and food. It's a model widely used in the United States because venue owners like to secure their revenue on any given evening. Change is something we all need to grow through. It should never be feared.

We suggest that as our industry changes, you use the technology available to lock your customers in ahead of time.

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